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Sofia Goggia Wins First Downhill in Crans Montana

Sofia Goggia wins in Crans Montana her third successive Downhill race in the World Cup this season. She is the first woman to win three successive Downhill races in the World Cup since Lindsey Vonn achieved 4 wins in a row in 2018.

The Olympic champion finished 0.20 sec. ahead of Ester Ledecka, with American Breezy Johnson in third for the fourth time this season, 0.57 sec. behind Goggia.

With a total of 380 points, the Italian is leading the discipline's standings.

"I didn't expect to win today with these conditions, (...) I was happy to cross the finish line with the green light, but I thought my time wasn't enough to win because there was a lot of wind when I came down", Goggia said.

Sofia Goggia had won in her only previous World Cup Downhill participation in Crans Montana, on February 23, 2019.

Ester Ledecka has been a top-10 threat in the speed disciplines the entire season, but today’s second place was her first top-three finish in the downhill this year. The dual parallel snowboarder and alpine speed racer have gotten consistently stronger with each outing.

Breezy Johnson continued her strong run this season, picking up her fourth-straight third-place finish in a World cup downhill. Prior to this season, the American had never earned a podium place, and this season has yet to miss the podium in the Downhill.


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