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Raul Revuelta Ski Paradise Marketing and Communication Consulting
​Raúl Revuelta
Co-Founder & Director of Business Development​​​​​​​​​​​

My relationship with the world of snow began in the 1970s in Puerto de Navacerrada. In those years I took my first steps in skiing. Since then I have not stopped traveling around the world looking for the best places to enjoy my passion.


With those first descents, a bond with the snow-capped mountains began that has been present in all facets of my personal and professional life: I was in a school, SEK El Castillo, a pioneer in promoting skiing; I did my military service in a company of skiers in the Huesca Pyrenees; I worked as a promoter of ski resorts; During my time as director of extracurricular activities, professor and director of tourism studies at the SEK University and at IE, my teaching and research work has fundamentally developed around two themes: on the one hand, the integration of the principles of quality and sustainability in tourism, and on the other, sports and adventure tourism and, especially, the management of ski and mountain resorts.


At present I work as a tourist consultant specialized in the world of snow, work that I combine as a speaker and now as a co-founder of this exciting project that is Ski Paradise.

Juan Castro Ski Paradise
Juan Castro
Co-Founder & Managing Director


I started in the world of skiing in the 80s in the Huesca Pyrenees. Since then I have been abducted by the mountains, the snow and everything that surrounds the fantastic world of skiing and it has made me a true passionate about this sport.

Skiing is the perfect plan. There is no better plan or better trip than one that encompasses nature in its purest form, tourism and sport.

My professional profile is linked to the world of technology, where for more than 20 years I have been involved in computing, communication, graphic design and web projects. My white passion and my professional profile have been merged in this new innovative and exciting project, Ski Paradise, passion for snow.


Ski Paradise Marketing & Communication Consulting

Because Passion Drives Innovation and Success

Ski Paradise logo

We are passionate about marketing and snow.


We offer marketing and communication solutions designed to meet the specific needs of ski resorts.


Analysis of the environment and the competition. Trend analysis.


We help you find and communicate your unique value proposition.


We help you develop your communication proposals.


We design tailor-made solutions for ski and mountain resorts.



  • Planning and development of Marketing & Communication strategies.

  • Representation of the ski resort / destination.

  • PR & Communication Management.

  • Market studies.

  • Identification and evaluation of market opportunities.

  • Strategies for the penetration of market niches.

  • Reputation management.

  • Content development (design, writing, publication, and monitoring) for online and offline formats.

  • Planning and management of social networks.

  • Promotional management.

  • Events & Sponsorships.

  • Training: Workshops and seminars.


If you think it is time to rethink your marketing and communication strategy, call us ...


We will analyze the current situation of your ski resort.

We will identify your marketing and communication needs.

We will design a tailored proposal, adapted to your needs and with objectives appropriate to the available resources.

Ski Paradise Case study Presentation
Ski Paradise Case study Presentation

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