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Freeride World Tour 2021.Verbier Xtreme Winning Runs

Kristofer Turdell (SWE) completed his season goal and dream of winning the Xtreme Verbier with an epic display of his strength and big mountain dominance. Kristofer charged a crispy clean line, which featured multiple airs up top, a picture-perfect cliff in the middle, and a backflip to finish.

Hometown hero, Elisabeth Gerritzen (SUI), earned her second Xtreme Verbier Crown and the FWT Title with a huge performance on the Bec. Elisabeth put herself straight into a precarious zone and made the most of it with two big airs up top. She then charged the rest of her line at speed and finished with a massive air.

Victor De Le Rue (FRA) made short work of the Bec, sending a full-throttle line with zero hesitation to take the Verbier Crown and the FWT Title. Victor first pointed a huge double drop and linked this with a floaty 360 straight into another cliff at warp speed.

Marion Haerty (FRA) completed an astonishing perfect season in FWT21 – the first athlete ever to do so – taking a win at every event. She put down a fluid run with three solid airs taken with her characteristic confidence.


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