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Petra Vlhova Wins Second Slalom of the Season in Levi

Petra Vlhova confirms she is the number one wins two out of two in Levi. Three out of Four runs have been won by the Slovakian star who increased the fluidity and consistency gate after gate. Petra Vlhova has won all the races in the discipline in 2020 and collected her fifth straight slalom equaling Marlies Schild with the same milestone.

"It was really difficult for me because I was a little bit under pressure because yesterday I won and today I wanted to confirm, (...) I am so, so happy that I can manage myself and put in all my power. In the end, it’s two victories in two days, so that’s amazing", Vlhova said following her 16th career win.

"Today I leave Levi with big confidence (...) I feel that this year, I have a lot of power, a lot of confidence. For the next races, I will try to do the same but it is not easy to take the victory", said Vlhova.

Only 0.31 seconds behind Vlhova was Swiss Michelle Gisin, who with today's second-place wins her World Cup best career and her 2nd slalom podium after the 3rd place in Lienz last season. In the first run, the Swiss managed to stop the time on a par with the Slovakian.

The situation of being the last to tackle the second run was new for the 26-year-old skier, so the nervousness was correspondingly great.

"I took a big step forward last season. I am now solidly in the top 7, maybe even in the top 5, (...) The years are slowly paying off", Gisin said.

The second run of today's slalom has been won by Katharina Liensberger. She collected two third places in two days, and she established herself as the new Austrian tech team leader. Among the fastest four runners in the second run were three Austrians with the fastest Liensberger, Katharina Truppe in third, and Franziska Gritsch in fourth. Only the winner, Vlhova, was able to keep up with the red-white-red runners as the second-fastest.

"The direction is right (...) I had good turns, especially in the second run, where I immediately felt that something was going on. I would like to take this feeling with me. We also have a top result as a team. Congratulations to everyone. It shows that the direction is right", said Liensberger.

For the Austrian team has been a significantly positive weekend, both days with 3 skiers in the top ten and today with 7 skiers in the Top 22 positions.

Meanwhile, Mikaela Shiffrin has finished fifth today. In her second race after a 10-month break, Shiffrin missed the podium in a slalom race for the first time in nearly three years. All 28 World Cup slaloms since January 2017 have been won by either Shiffrin, with 19 wins, or Vlhova.


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