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"Time Out". A ski film with Roman Rohrmoser, the Freeskier who Feels at Home in Nature

The idea of this film arose from the lockdown. Everyone had to take a forced break, or at least most of us. That got Roman Rohrmoser and Andreas “Mone” Monsberger thinking about the importance of timeouts. Everyone should take a break every now and then and consciously switch off. Everyone just hangs on their cell phone and is trapped in their own little world. Both of them have the impression that the time to consciously enjoy life is being lost to a certain extent in our society.

Timeout means different things to different people, some like to go on holiday to an all-inclusive resort, others turn to nature to find their idea of freedom. For Roman Timeout means climbing a mountain, switching off, living the moment, and being with himself.

The film “Timeout” wants to point out what is really important in life: Going out and having fun in nature - whether doing sports or taking a walk with the family and friends.


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