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Ostermarkt. Innsbruck Easter Market

Innsbruck Easter Market. Ostermarkt. Picture: Ski Paradise. Golden Roof
Innsbruck Easter Market. Golden Roof. Picture: Ski Paradise

From March 22nd to April 1st Innsbruck's old town is transformed into a happy spring festival full of market fun and Tyrolean customs. Every day from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., visitors can experience the festive atmosphere and look forward to a wide range of offerings in Innsbruck Easter Market.

Austria’s culture, customs, and cuisine are colorful all year round, but Easter is when the country shows off all its bright shades. The most important holiday of the year besides Christmas, it is celebrated in style for several days with parades, markets, plays, and traditional delicacies.

During Holy Week, many churches in Tirol cover their crosses with purple cloth, turning their whole altars into graves, using a painted backdrop that shows the events surrounding Jesus Christ's death, a tradition that can be traced back to the Middle Ages.

Colored eggs will be your companions during Easter time. A symbol of life, fertility, and rebirth, they are boiled, painted, and hidden for children, with those not meant for eating being used as decoration things. Other traditions you have the chance to experience include Easter markets and the classic “Osterjause” (Easter snack) with ham, eggs, and horseradish.

Innsbruck Easter Market. Tirol. Picture: Ski Paradise
Innsbruck Easter Market. Picture: Ski Paradise

Innsbruck’s historic downtown district provides a stunning backdrop for a showcase of Easter customs and traditions.

Goldenes Dachl. Innsbruck Easter Market. Golden Roof. Picture: Ski Paradise.
Innsbruck Easter Market. Golden Roof. Picture: Ski Paradise

The annual Easter Market in front of the Golden Roof is full of lovely Easter treats, crafts, music and a jolly good time to be had by all. Some 31 exhibitors will be selling their elaborate handmade wares underneath the Golden Roof. There are stalls selling Easter eggs in all variations, huge varieties of hand-blown decorated eggs, and lovely Easter decorations, alongside assorted wooden toys and selected local arts and crafts. High-end gifts and crafts will sit side by side with tasty treats & festive fayre, offering visitors the chance to sample and purchase quality farm produce. To keep the visitors crowds amused an array of entertainers, including local folklore groups and brass bands perform in the streets of Innsbruck during Easter.


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