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vivo X80 Pro. Ski Paradise's Smartphone for the 2022-2023 Ski Season

Patscherkofel Ski Resort. Tirol, Austria
Patscherkofel Opening Day 17.12.2022. Picture: Ski Paradise. vivo X80 Pro

One of the most important decisions that a company faces is the correct choice of its partners/sponsors.

Partners are the foundation of any company's success. We share with them the same enthusiasm and passion for what we do and how we want to grow.

The best partnerships should always be beneficial for all parties, and follow a Win-Win-Win formula: we win, our partners win and we create value for our user communities.

Hochgurgl-Obergurgl Ski Resort. Picture: Ski Paradise. vivo X80 Pro
Hochgurgl-Obergurgl. 06.12.2022. Picture: Ski Paradise. vivo X80 Pro

In Ski Paradise, we have been working for some time with "In Kind" sponsorship formulas with companies that, by their nature, are related to the practice of skiing as a sports and lifestyle activity.

This formula has given us very good results in the past and we believe that, due to the characteristics of our partners, it is perfect for achieving specific promotional benefits of visibility or return for them.

In our case, these are partners whose products are included naturally, not forced, in our professional activity, integrating them into our everyday life.

In recent times, the mobile has become the "tool" of our work, and Instagram is the main showcase to show it.

The attractiveness of our media hub depends on the quality of our content, and video together with photography are essential to achieve this.

That is why we had been looking for some time to reach an agreement with a technological partner that would help us to continue growing.

For this season we are happy to have vivo as Ski Paradise's partner. And it does so hand in hand with one of the terminals destined to be a "game changer" in the world of photographic mobiles: the vivo X80 Pro, a smartphone that has what may be the best camera of 2022.

vivo X80 Pro 5G
vivo X80 Pro 5G. Picture: Ski Paradise

The X80 Pro is available in Cosmic Black color, and with dimensions of 164.57 × 75.30 × 9.10 mm and a weight of 219 g, it is a "big" phone, with a size larger than the one we have been handling in Ski Paradise until now.

One of the things that we liked the most about the vivo X80 Pro is that it has the IP68 or “Ingress Protection” 68 classification, the maximum degree of protection that a mobile phone or other electronic device has against the access of dust particles and liquids. We are facing a mobile that has a splash-proof and water-resistant design, which is essential due to the conditions in which our activity takes place.

Another feature that has caught our attention is its 4700 milliamp battery with 80-watt fast charge (charge from 0 to 100 in 35 minutes). We will have to check the operation of this battery in an environment as difficult as the mountains, with an extreme range of temperatures, but the fact of being able to fully recharge the smartphone in such a short time is undoubtedly a point in its favour. We're convinced that the significant battery improvements in the vivo X80 Pro will help it keep up with our day-to-day skiing.

The vivo X80 Pro guarantees a premium mobile experience with new photo and cinema features co-developed with ZEISS. The collaboration with ZEISS, a world leader in optics and optoelectronics, will allow us to capture images and create quality photos and videos with more dynamics and perspectives.

Skiing in Hintertux Glacier. Picture: Ski Paradise. vivo X80 Pro
Hintertux Glacier. 23.11.2022. Picture: Ski Paradise. vivo X80 Pro

The X80 Pro has a 32MP front camera and a quad rear camera system consisting of a 50MP ultra-sensitive VNG sensor camera with optical image stabilization (OIS), a 48MP wide-angle camera, a portrait camera with the 12MP Gimbal stabilization that improves stability in both videos and photos, and an 8MP periscopic lens and optical image stabilization (OIS).

Another thing that we have loved about being able to have the vivo X80 Pro is the fact that it is a smartphone very oriented to video production with which we can record videos up to 8K. We are recording more and more videos with the smartphone and one of the main strengths of the X80 Pro is stabilization, which makes it one of the best Android phones to record videos.

The X80 Pro also incorporates a teleprompter system integrated into the video function of the front and rear cameras. This allows us to add bullet points or a full script of up to 6000 characters of text.

The X80 Pro's main camera also includes a specially modified ultra-sensitive CNG sensor to optimize reflectivity and reduce light noise along with a high-transmission glass lens to reduce dispersion and temperature drift to reduce glare. This can be especially helpful when working in a snowy environment.

The camera module features a new image processor (the vivo V1+) that incorporates an artificial intelligence system for professional-grade visual enhancement; the ZEISS touch, which provides rich, natural colors, high contrast, and highly detailed color styling effect; along with its variety of scene modes (Pano, Live Photo, Slo-mo, Time-lapse, AR stickers, Supermoon, Ultra HD Document, Astro, Pro Sports, Long Exposure, Double Exposure, Dual View, and AI Group Portrait), places us before a very complete camera with TOP image quality and a lot of versatility.

Top Mountain Star Restaurant. Hochgurgl-Obergurgl.
Top Mountain Star Restaurant. Hochgurgl-Obergurgl. Picture: Ski Paradise. vivo X80 Pro

We are really excited with this collaboration with vivo and to be able to count on the vivo X80 Pro for the 2022-2023 season, an exceptional phone, with a beautiful design, an excellent battery, and one of the best cameras on any phone at the moment.


Ski Paradise
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