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Things To Do on a Sunday in Innsbruck

One of the main reasons that led us to establish Ski Paradise's base camp in a small village near Innsbruck was the immense possibilities that the city and its mountains offer us for skiing and also its vibrant cultural life.

The City of Innsbruck offers locals and visitors a unique mix of urban flair and an alpine lifestyle seldom seen elsewhere.

The Capital of the Alps is the gateway to the mountains. Only in Innsbruck can you go from the city center to enjoy the winter in the mountains in 20 minutes.

Innsbruck has more than 130,000 inhabitants, around 30,000 of them students, many of them international. So it's no surprise that the city is seen as "young, cool and modern".

Even at first glance, the trendy and winter sports "vibe" of the city makes itself felt.

Innsbruck also has so much to offer in addition to the ski slopes: unusual cultural events, a wide range of excellent shops, bars and cafés, restaurants, and a multitude of trendy pubs.

Start a day on the ski slopes and end it enjoying an evening in the city.

In Innsbruck, skiing feels like an urban experience due to the short distance to the mountains. More than anywhere else in the world, Innsbruck offers the urban atmosphere of a city, but in the shadow of a mountainous landscape. If you want to transform your ski holiday into something extra special, you can combine the best of both worlds at Innsbruck's Ski Paradise.

Patscherkofel. Skiing in Innsbruck
Patscherkofel Ski Resort. Picture: Ski Paradise

In the morning, we head up to Patscherkofel, Innsbruck’s "local mountain", where the Winter Olympic Games were hosted in 1964 and 1976. In Patscherkofel there is the slope where Franz Klammer wrote one of the most brilliant pages on Alpine Skiing in the Winter Games history when he won the gold medal in the downhill for Austria on February 5th, 1976.

Patscherkofel is Innsbruck's Ski Paradise in the south: easy to recognize from its rounded shape and the prominent radio mast on its peak. Innsbruck locals appreciate the resort's proximity to the city, which is just 6,5 km away. Is easy to reach with the Free Ski Bus and the city bus line J.

The new Patscherkofelbahn 10-person monocable gondola has been in operation since December 2017. From the bottom station (1,010 m.), you will reach the mountain station (1,965 m) quickly, and easily in 9 minutes.

Maria Theresien Straße, Innsbruck
Maria Theresien Street, Innsbruck. Picture: Ski Paradise

In the afternoon, we enjoy a walk through the historic Old Town, the "epicenter" of Innsbruck, with the Imperial Palace, the city's famous galleries, the Golden Roof, the cathedral on Domplatz Square, and Maria Theresien Street.

Golden Roof. Goldenes Dachl, Innsbruck
Herzog-Friedrich-Straße and the Golden Roof. Innsbruck. Picture: Ski Paradise

We rounded up our day in Innsbruck enjoying a dance theater full of romance, melancholy, and enchanting Cuban live music.

This February the Innsbruck Winter Dance Festival kicked off in 2024 with the premiere of the show Lagrimas Negras. The Festival was created to develop Innsbruck and its surroundings into a region of dance in the coming years.

Innsbruck Winter Dance Festival. Lagrimas Negras
Addison Ector as Bebo Valdés. Lagrimas Negras. Picture: Holger Gassler

Lágrimas Negras tells the story of the Valdés family, who shaped Cuba's musical heritage over three generations. It illustrates the disunity of the island from 1920 to the present.

Innsbruck Winter Dance Festival. Lagrimas Negras
Innsbruck Winter Dance Festival. Lagrimas Negras. Picture: Holger Gassler

The tragic story of Bebo Valdés, who was never able to return to the island after his escape in 1961, reflects the fate of many Cuban families. His late musical comeback with the Flamenco singer Diego Cigala and his son Chucho Valdés went down in music history.

Innsbruck Winter Dance Festival. Lagrimas Negras
Innsbruck Winter Dance Festival. Lagrimas Negras. Picture: Holger Gassler

With the premiere of Lágrimas Negras, Enrique Gasa Valga and the Limonada Dance Company take the audience into the unmistakable world of Cuba with all its nostalgic and enchanting facets. This special performance is accompanied by live music by Cucurucho Valdés, grandson of Bebo Valdés, and the exceptional Cuban musician Ray Fernandez.

Hofburg Innsbruck and the Seegrube. Nordkette
Hofburg Innsbruck with the Seegrube in the background. Picture: Ski Paradise

A wonderful day full of lifelong memories!!!


Ski Paradise
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